“New Discoveries in Embryology” ed. by Bin Wu

“New Discoveries in Embryology” ed. by Bin Wu
InTAvE | 2015 | ISBN: 9535121820 9789535121824 | 261 pages | PDF | 10 MB

This book contains some new discoveries and updates some theories and technologies in animal and human embryology. Major content include new findings in gamete biology, new theories and discoveries in embryo implantation by three-dimensional imaging technology and new concept and actual application of embryology.

The book will greatly update knowledge in embryology field and provide some basic theories and technologies for animal scientists and breeders as well as embryologists and anthropologists.

1 Sperm DNA Fragmentation and Its Relation With Fertility
2 Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and Male Fertility
3 Influence of ROS on Ovarian Functions
4 A Novel Concept of Fundus-Ovary-Salpinx-Para-Aorta Implantation Promoting Unit during Human Embryo Implantation
5 Human Embryology
6 Novel Cellular and Molecular Interactions During Limb Development, Revealed from Studies on the Split Hand Foot Congenital Malformation
7 Protein Kinase A and Protein Kinase C Connections: What Could Angiogenesis Tell Us?
8 A Novel Discipline in Embryology — Animal Embryo Breeding
9 Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Safeguard of Feline Endangered Species
10 Antiluteolytic Strategy for Bovine Embryo Transfer Programmes

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